Letter to Daily Telegraph 24th October

Dear Emily,
Have you noticed that the back page of today’s Business section is one big article about the wonders of  Sellafield Ltd masquerading as an advertisement about career opportunities? This is no doubt part of the nuclear industry’s (and DECC’s) expensive national PR campaign plan being paid for by the British taxpayers. It naturally chooses not to mention the findings of last year’s NAO’s scathing report.
Today’s article contains this section:
“The only great question on nuclear that is left to answer, anywhere in the world, is what we do with nuclear waste. That question will be answered at Sellafield – and for anyone with an interest in science, technology, engineering, or any other similar discipline, this is one hell of an exciting industry to be in.”
Sad to say DECC appears to have already decided that constructing a GDF is the answer for dealing with nuclear waste and is quite happy to disregard internationally accepted procedures for identifying the safest possible locations.
Yours sincerely,
Rod Donington-Smith

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