Apparently, harsh rhetoric is the exclusive right of the politician.

Tim Knowles (County Councillor)

“My message to the “Cumbria Trust” is: tone down the rhetoric, stop headline hunting, call yourselves what you are – a self-appointed pressure group – and consider engaging positively with trying to solve this uniquely Cumbrian problem.” ~ Whitehaven News

Our message to Tim Knowles.

The Cumbria Trust is effectively a community-based organization with a growing membership which has arisen out of local people’s own initiatives and their deep-rooted concerns. Are we to be denied the freedom and democratic right to influence people in power? Amnesty, Oxfam, Greenpeace, CORE, the RSPCA and hundreds of others are all ‘self-appointed’ pressure groups. So are the Copeland groups that are campaigning to stop on-street parking charges, or to protest against the closure of the civic centre. The fact that individuals, with similar beliefs, come together in an attempt to influence politicians seems entirely reasonable and, more importantly, entirely democratic.

Oh, and we think “Cumbria Trust” is a little snappier than “A Self Appointed Pressure Group” Mr Knowles.


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