Let us not forget:

Jamie Reed MP on NIREX November 2006:

“The MP told the House of Commons last July: “The experience of Nirex endured by my community in the mid-1990s was so wretched that I was minded to entitle this debate ‘fear and loathing’.”

“As long as I have anything to with it Nirex will never dig another sod of turf in West Cumbria.”

Jamie Reed MP on Keekle Head February 2010:

Mr Reed said: “I understand the need for additional disposal facilities but I don’t believe these should be undertaken away from the existing areas – it makes no sense to do so.

“There is huge potential at Sellafield for development of these facilities. In the right area they could meet a real and growing environmental need and provide real local opportunities for local businesses.

“Keekle Head itself must be returned to its natural state. It is unbelievable that the site has been allowed to remain in its current state for so many years despite the best efforts of local councillors.

“There now needs to be a chasing down of the former site owners and they must be made to pay reparations to restore the site.”

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