They think it’s all over…(cont’d)

Just in case you didn’t believe your ears when Rt Hon Michael Fallon spoke at the House of Lords  Select Committee for Science and Technology inquiry on Nuclear Follow-Up on 10th December, where he stated to the committee that:  “We have just finished the consultation”, you can now download the transcript as a pdf document here: Transcript

The GDF “evidence” actually starts at Q26. However, if you happen to have a bed and breakfast establishment, look out for Lord O’Neill’s gem:  “It seems that the interests of bed and breakfast providers in other parts of England were of greater significance than finding a bed for nuclear waste”.  By the way, Lord O’Neill is the former chair of the Nuclear Industry Association.

DECC sent an email out, explaining their foul up (to put it politely) with their own email response address, in which they stated that the closing date for responses to the consultation had been extended to the 19th December. We think it would have been a jolly good idea for the Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP to have been “copied in”.

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