The end of a challenging year…

as far as Cumbria Trust is concerned.

“May we thank you for all the support you have given to the “response to the New Consultation campaign” over the past four months. There have been an awful lot of letters written by groups and individuals, to newspapers, MPs, various organisations plus a serious disorganisation… DECC. However, we have not actually won anything yet, so it is important to keep up the pressure on your local Councillors and MPs in order to make them aware that their actions are actually being observed by the electorate.

It is vital that we stay vigilant and keep any developments as public as possible.  If you see anything (online or in the traditional media), that you think may be of interest to other members of Cumbria Trust, please let us know, and if relevant and appropriate it will be posted on the website.

Finally, we could do with a bigger body of (paid up) members so please consider joining us, and you can now do this online by following this link:  Join Online

May we wish you a peaceful, successful and GDF free 2014!”

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