Extract from an interview with Prof. David Smythe…

As a part of his dissertation in 2013, Paul Hallows interviewed Professor David Smythe.
The following is an extract:

Paul Hallows (PH): Could you explain briefly your involvement in the process post-2010, post-the most recent voluntarism movement in Cumbria?
Professor David Smythe (DS): I am involved just as an observer and a critic.
PH: Have you attended any meetings or seminars?
DS: I gave no less than six lectures in West Cumbria as an independent expert, plus two extras to schools in the area. I came over quite a few times from France to England just to give lectures I should add also at my own expense. I got involved in the West Cumbria MRWS consultation starting in 2010 because it was clear from the way it was framed that the government was trying to pretend that the 1995/96 planning inquiry into an underground test laboratory had never happened. They’re trying to airbrush out the past and come to West Cumbria as if it were a clean sheet of paper – as if there were no problems with the geology and that there had never been a planning inquiry finding against the government and so on, and this is fundamentally dishonest.
PH: You mention that a number of the documents from the mid-1990s process were removed from public availability on the internet.
DS: That’s right.

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