Extracts from Paul Hallows’ interview with Prof. David Smythe (cont’d)

As part of his dissertation in 2013, Paul Hallows interviewed Professor David Smythe.
The following is another extract from that interview:

PH: So we were just talking about Nirex and the cover-up operation during the late ‘90s.
DS: Nirex had failed to… Nirex removed, around the year 2000, Nirex removed all reference to the planning inquiry from its website, and given that was the most important event that had ever happened to Nirex, it was obviously a sign that something dirty was afoot.
PH: Do you believe that there was collusion between Nirex and the government?
DS: Absolutely. And in 2001 there was a white paper called Managing Radioactive Waste Safely – which was really a white paper on a white paper – it was setting out the first inkling of the government’s views, which was about finding a waste repository site by voluntarism and there was no mention of geology in it. Now this was despite expert reports from people like the Royal Society, and indeed from the House of Commons select committee saying that of course the geology has to be done first and then we look for volunteers. So it was very curious that the government’s setting up in 2001 of this white paper about MRWS made no reference to geology. Then coming out of this white paper they formed a committee called CORWM (Committee on Radioactive Waste Management), and what was highly suspicious there was that there were no Earth Scientists on this committee – some good people on it, no question – but they were all sociologists and economists.

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