“It’s easier to sideline you than to challenge you.” ~ Paul Hallows

DS: (David Smythe) Yes, that’s what they’re trying to do. And how this will all end up – you know, the
government is spoiling for a fight – it will end up in a judicial review, asked for by Greenpeace or maybe Friends of the Earth, some organisation like that, who will challenge the legality of the decision to go back to West Cumbria yet again, and it’ll be challenged on various grounds. Not just the geology, but the lack of democracy, the fact that there wasn’t a good mandate from the people of West Cumbria. The fact that the whole business of what you mean by a community is not even defined properly.

PH: You were talking about how the government were seeking to redefine ‘community’ in the context of just Allerdale and Copeland.
DS: Yes, they will try to go ahead by defining the community to mean the boroughs of Allerdale and Copeland, because they have the cabinet members of the respective borough councils onside – because they’re all pro-nuclear people, particularly Elaine Woodburn, the leader of Copeland – so they are defining the community to suit what they mean by ‘community’. Whereas within the community there are parish councils and villages and other local people who are opposed to it, but they’re not getting a say. Nor is the wider Cumbria getting a say. So they’re defining ‘community’ to mean, in effect, ‘Copeland Borough Council.’ Which comprises eight cabinet members which are pretty much all pronuclear. So they’re defining the community like Alice in Wonderland to mean what they want it to mean, without defining in advance what they meet by ‘community.’ I have pointed out that there are areas in the north of Scotland, and at Stanford in Norfolk which have promise for being a waste disposal site, geologically speaking, and there is no community there. So how do you ask the village of Stamford in Norfolk, around which you can draw a radius of 5km, where no-one lives? During the 1989 national search, it should have come top of the list of the sites investigated. So what do you mean by a community? There’s no-one living there. There are no voters, there are no inhabitants: it’s just an MOD firing range. So this whole concept of community in my opinion is a load of bollocks, unless you can define it to mean certain groups of people and also allow for the fact that you may have areas of the UK where there’s no-one living, so who’s going to decide then, who’s going to volunteer if no-one lives there?

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