An “independent” watchdog funded by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.


Yes, you did read it correctly. In their own words, the WCSSG (West Cumbria Sites Stakeholder Group) is:

“An independent body whose role is to provide public scrutiny of the nuclear industry in West Cumbria by providing an active, two-way channel of communication between the site operators, the NDA and local stakeholders”.

The Chairman, David Moore and Vice Chair Elaine Woodburn, are paid an annual allowance to cover duties carried out for NDA funded WCSSG. The chairman receives  £5,000 per annum and the Vice Chair £2,500 per annum (according to the albeit out of date WCSSG website).

So, when reading the statement (BBC Look North website) from David Moore regarding yesterday’s partial shutdown at Sellafield, one could be forgiven for bringing to mind the old adage about not biting the feeding hand. To put it mildly this does not appear to be the healthiest of alliances. Draw your own conclusions.

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