MRWS process had little regard for current problems at the Sellafield site

Towards a Safer Cumbria (cont’d)

The MRWS process, the search for a dump site, was moving ahead with little regard for current problems at the Sellafield site. Its Terms of Reference, restricted as they were to the GDF, meant it had no regard for some key recommendations on how the waste management process itself should proceed. The Committee on Radioactive Waste Management’s (CoRWM) 2006 landmark report to Government, made clear its recommendations were interdependent and had to be adopted and acted on as a package. It stressed the significant role that storage needed to play in future waste management, but the Government largely ignored CoRWM’s view that:

“The uncertainties surrounding the implementation of geological disposal, including social and ethical concerns, lead CoRWM to recommend a continued commitment to the safe and secure management of wastes that is robust against the risk of delay or failure in the repository programme.”

“Towards a Safer Cumbria” by Peter Roche (full pdf download)

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