In case you think there is nothing happening locally on the GDF front…

well, apart from endeavouring to keep abreast of official (HM Gov etc.) developments,  we would like to draw your attention to a couple of letters written by concerned Cumbrians that were published in the Whitehaven News just this week:

SIR – With reference to the article submitted by R Taylor, “Unions don’t speak for me,” (January 23).

Thank goodness there is one un-blinkered Sellafield worker brave enough to speak out, and sharing the same views of many Cumbrians, whether they work at Sellafield or not.  I am sick of hearing the big two and their nuclear masters, saying Cumbrians are in favour of an underground dump. There has never been an honest Yes/No vote for the whole of Cumbria.

Written without prejudice to Sellafield workers.



*     *     *

SIR – I was glad to hear Councilor Woodburn say on Radio Cumbria in the middle of January’s last week, that in the matter of the Government’s location for the high level nuclear waste store, all the people concerned should be consulted. Does she mean a county wide poll, or even a poll for the whole of West Cumbria, or does she refer merely to her own little group of Copeland Council and Allerdale Council? Dare she face a ‘no’ poll from the rest of us?

If the latter, remember that if the balloon goes up, all Cumbria will suffer. Nobody will dare come near us, even if we survive.


Drovers Lane, Penrith

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