CoRWM public meeting tomorrow at Hunday Manor, as at 13:20 29th April you can still register.

Just in case you need reminding:

  • The Consultation was largely a cosmetic exercise. The Minister Michael Fallon, misinformed the House of Lords committee regarding end dates and predetermined the outcome regarding the county councils.
  • 59% of the respondents urged a search of England for the optimum geological site. No one in government, including the BGS has refuted the claims that the geology of Cumbria is simply unsuitable.
  • Only 3 of the 700 plus respondents (including Copeland) recommended cutting out the county councils
  • The bizarre situation of a small district such as Copeland being equal in weight to a massive unitary authority such as Cornwall, yet , the county council is NOT involved!
  • Three green lights to go ahead. They got two green and one red. The process (therefore) stopped.  So they changed the rules by cutting out the red light, the county council, effectively disenfranchising most of Cumbria. This is an affront to democracy because a GDF anywhere in Cumbria will affect the whole of Cumbria.
  • Remember, one 16 tonne lorry every 3 minutes for 30 years to carry the spoil.
  • Interestingly, one of the most vehement objectors to the county council decision on the 30th January 2013, county councillor David Southward, is now admitting that the decision was the right one.
  • Copeland and Allerdale should be doing everything possible to reduce the “intolerable risk” (PAC) which Sellafield presents.
  • Very little progress has been made at Sellafield – 12 out of 14 targets have not been met, and there are massive cost overruns. £528m have been spent on projects which have come to nothing. The THORP plant which cost £1.8bn in 1992 has been a disaster, missing 94% of commercial targets.
  • High level radioactivity liquid left at Sellafield is 300 times greater than that released at Fukushima.
  • Sellafield is now the 6th most radioactive site in the world.  (Some sources suggest it could be 3rd!)
  • They need to concentrate on safer storage, which for the past 30 years they have failed to come to grips with. “Significant risks to people and the environment” ~ NAO  and PAC commented that there is “Intolerable risk”.
  • The Cumbria County Council decision was absolutely right. It does appear that although Allerdale BC is being a little more circumspect, Copeland BC would charge ahead tomorrow if they could.
  • Government proposes 75GWh of nuclear capacity by 2050. Given the amount of  waste that will produce, the country will need multiple GDFs!

Check the CoRWM meeting status update and register to attend tomorrow’s meeting HERE NOW!


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