It is hard not to become cynical about plans for a GDF…

From a Cumbria Trust supporter:
It is hard not to become cynical about plans for a GDF and opaque safety cases.  I was surprised that the White Paper still called it a Geological Disposal Facility, rather than a Safe Disposal Facility or some other vague term.
Carlsbad (Nuclear) Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

WIPP (Nuclear) Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in Carlsbad where it is thought that the “wrong sort” of cat litter was the primary cause of the explosion earlier this year.

The “cat litter” problem in Carlsbad is just ridiculous. I would have thought that would lend itself to one of Marianne Birkby’s cartoons.

The Oxford Clay is certainly a candidate along with the London, Gault and Lias clays.
Very much what Nirex Inquiry Inspector, Chris McDonald had in mind when he said the search needed to move away from Cumbria.


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