“We’ve run out of A4 paper here, could you fax or us a ream?” You couldn’t make it up…

Further to the (allegedly leaked) images in the national media, regarding the condition of some of the storage facilities at Sellafield, CT director Colin Wales wrote to the NDA. He submitted a “freedom of information” enquiry regarding the current situation with the storage ponds and included the following:

1.     We would seek detailed information on the ponds, specifically an independent structural engineers report as to the integrity of these facilities.
4.     What policies and processes currently exist to mitigate any of the risks which have been identified by any responsible executive body e.g. ONR, NDA, other governmental executive bodies, Sellafield Sites Ltd and NMP, together with any concerns expressed by any independent accredited institution e.g. Institute of Civil Engineers?

Response: Read

However, if you don’t have time to study the whole document we have posted the important highlights here:

Pages 15-23 of the report, feature the following photographs which you will surely agree are most helpful…

p 15p 16p 17p 18p 19p 20p 21p 22p 23

Are the above images what Sellafield actually see when they study the ponds? Certainly when reading some of their PR you could be forgiven for believing that to be the case.

So, when you actually think about it, sending a set of fully redacted images to someone is about as ludicrous as sending them a ream of plain A4 as a fax.

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