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Siting Director’s Update

Prof. Cherry Tweed

Prof. Cherry Tweed

RWM acting Siting Director Professor Cherry Tweed outlines the activity currently taking place in the National Geological Screening (NGS) Exercise.
Professor Cherry Tweed says:

“2015 is now well-started, and the National Geological Screening team has been on the road presenting to, and engaging with, a wide range of both specialist and non-specialist stakeholder audiences.

We’ve been meeting Geological Society members in Bristol, Cardiff, Hemel Hempstead and Nottingham; members of the Institute of Civil Engineers in the North West of England; local authority, NGO and community group representatives in London and Manchester. But this is just the start of a long process, and many more meetings are being planned across the country. We’ll aim to keep you informed of upcoming meetings.

These meetings are important. Not only do we get insights and helpful steers from geologists and others within industry, but the wider public audiences are also helping us think more clearly about how best to present the information we eventually gather. We are grateful for the constructive way in which everyone is contributing to the development of the draft Guidance.

As we hold more meetings, themes are emerging and common questions being asked about the process and what we are seeking to achieve. We thought it would be helpful to compile and publish an FAQ , so that anyone wanting to find out more about national geological screening has a starting point. This will be available on the RWM website in a few days’ time.

The pace of the process will start to pick up in the coming weeks. The appointment of the Independent Review Panel will be confirmed shortly, and we will be publishing our draft Guidance. So expect more information in the near future.”

International progress

Artist Impression of a GDF

Artist Impression of a GDF

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Exploring the impacts of radioactivity

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