(Some) Candidates Answer The Cumbria Trust GDF Questionnaire

On behalf of Cumbria Trust, director Rod Donington-Smith sent a questionnaire asking for the views of the electoral candidates in Cumbria. Not all of them replied and we will not speculate on the reason for their lack of response, maybe you as a Trust member should ask them personally. However, if yours did and you would like to read what they said, please download the relevant document as a pdf to peruse at your leisure!

Carlisle – Helen Davison (Green Party)

Copeland – Danny Gallagher – Inital response    D Gallagher P.1    D Gallagher P.2 (Lib Dem)

Copeland – Stephen Haraldsen (Cons

Copeland – Michael Pye (UKIP)

Copeland – Allan Todd (Green Party)

Penrith & The Borders – Bryan Burrow (Green Party)

Penrith & The Borders – Neil Hughes (Lib Dem)

Penrith & The Borders – Lee Rushworth (Lab)

Penrith & The Borders – Rory Stewart (Cons)

Westmorland & Lonsdale – Chris Loynes (Green Party)

Workington – Rozila Kana (Cons)

Workington – Jill Perry (Green Party)


Copeland Mayoral Candidate –  Chris Whiteside  (Cons)

 N.B. If any other responses are received by us prior to election day, they will be duly posted on this page.

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