Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) handed guidance: “Duty to have regard to growth”

At a meeting in Manchester last week,  executives from the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR), which oversees amongst other things, decommissioning at Sellafield, told representatives from NGOs (including Cumbria Trust), that they now have to encourage the industry’s economic growth in addition to promoting safety.

Many critics were already worried that the ONR’s split from the Health & Safety Executive last year would undermine its focus on safety.

Professor Andy Blowers from Nuclear Waste Advisory Associates, (NWAA) said:

“There’s a kind of dichotomy here and a possible conflict, between regulating and accelerating [industry growth]”

Nuclear expert Dr David Lowry, clearly warned that the ONR seemed to be getting “too close” to the industry.

“During the Manchester meeting, the ONR seemed to be dangerously edging towards the corporate financial interests of the nuclear industry rather than the public interests of ensuring national nuclear safety.”

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