Salt, the longtime geological nuclear disposal method is now being questioned…

“In some part of the world, including a site near the Texas-New Mexico border, nuclear waste is kept in rock salt deposits deep underground.  It’s long been thought that these geologic formations were some of the safest places to store humankind’s most toxic waste, but new research suggests those places may not be as safe as we thought ” […]

Salt problems

University of Texas (UT) researcher Maša Prodanović demonstrates the dynamics behind truncated octahedrons, which allow salt crystals to form near-impermeable bonds. Credit Mose Buchele/KUT

“Prodanović and her team say that under certain high temperatures or certain pressures “they will start melting in corners and that’s where you actually have the pore space that starts to form.”  […]

Read more: Mose Buchelle in the KUT.ORG News ( University of Texas)


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