Emails Reveal University of Glasgow’s Attempt to ‘Silence’ Emeritus Prof Smythe

Prof. David Smythe

Prof. David Smythe

Cumbria Trust is not involved in the fracking argument and Professor Smythe’s problem with the University of Glasgow actually stems from his opposition to fracking. However, without access to the scientific and academic library database at the university, Professor Smythe could not have informed the people of Cumbria, during the MRWS process in 2012/13, about the unsuitability of the geology for siting a nuclear disposal facility.

“Internal emails dating back to July 2014, obtained by Smythe through a Subject Access Request filing and seen by DeSmog UK, confirm his online privileges were revoked following a long-running dispute between the university and Smythe concerning his use of the university name when discussing the impacts of shale gas extraction.” ~ Kyla Mandel

DeSmog UK has the full story  and if, after reading it, you would like to support Professor Smythe, please write to the university court secretary David Newall and ask him to reinstate his legal right of access.

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