“The Government has underlined its commitment to the nuclear industry and reaffirmed plans for a nuclear waste repository, almost certainly in West Cumbria.” in-Cumbria.com

Cumbria Trust has long believed that the national geological screening process would simply be a charade before the government returns to Cumbria to bury its nuclear waste. According in-Cumbria.com this morning, it appears that our worst fears have been confirmed.

Apparently, energy Minister Baroness Lucy Neville-Rolfe has decided not to wait for the results of the screening process, before indicating that west Cumbria is almost certainly the chosen location according to this article from in-cumbria.com

What was supposed to be a decision based on geology and local democracy, appears to have already been made without concern for either.   If this is the case, it cannot and indeed will not go unchallenged.

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