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For the benefit of those of you who do not subscribe to Facebook, the following piece and the ensuing replies were posted in response to our item on Tim Knowles yesterday.

“As I said before – huge respect to Tim in stating his revised position, if only all politicians were brave enough to do this kind of thing… After seeing off the Zip Wire (which is about so much more than the one project and for me all about setting a precedent) this issue will unfortunately become a priority again for those who love the Lake District and Cumbria. Government/Whitehall must not be allowed to foist an unsafe solution on Cumbria just because it suits them. And by the way all the main political parties have been as bad as each other on this issue. Not a party political issue at all.” ~ John Wilson

“Grateful for these kind comments, mature reflection is always worthwhile! ~ Tim Knowles

 “I agree totally John, principled, honest positions by politicians are incredibly important and because honesty over ‘official’ party positions on big issues is so often perceived as high-risk, Tim Knowles’ willingness to speak publicly is a valuable contribution to the continuing debate. Both major parties are hugely influenced by the lobbying of the nuclear industry and its wider beneficiaries (the madness of Hinckley C being an obvious example) but also by slavish belief in nuclear deterrence and its capacity to keep UK’s status as a major power. Even superficial study of such arguments makes them laughable, but no-one is looking, once again because the party positions are either opposed to change or frightened of the consequences. There is no deterrent without a civil nuclear industry, and so the big opposition is largely invisible and in closed rooms in London. That’s the battle that has to be won, because while that greater ‘wisdom’ remains enshrined within the civil service, MoD etc Cumbria will remain the favoured nuclear centre – it’s history as a hidden dumping ground for dirty secrets is not coincidental.”  ~ Rae McGrath

“Transparency is KEY to achieving public trust – to be fair to the NDA good progress has been made on this but still some way to go. let’s see how it plays out….” ~ Colin Wales, Director Cumbria Trust


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