Here we go again…

DrumsThe Guardian has just published an article on the new search to find a site in which to bury the nation’s nuclear waste which is expected to begin this week, some 5 years after the last process was aborted.  Cumbria Trust notes with interest that a source close to the process is quoted as saying:

“The mess they made in the past can’t be repeated. It’s outrageous it became a victim of local politics last time.” 

Let us not forget that this was supposed to be a voluntary process, where local councils had the right to withdraw their interest.  How could it be considered outrageous to exercise that right to withdraw?  The new process starting this week is also based on voluntarism and councils are supposedly free to withdraw at will.  Are we to assume that once a council has volunteered, it will be made increasingly difficult to withdraw?  Is this voluntarism or coercion?

Search restarts for area willing to host highly radioactive UK waste.


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