Silloth says “NO” to a GDF


Criffel Street  Silloth-on-Solway

CT board member Geoff Betsworth yesterday posted on the “Silloth Today” Facebook Page:

“I have been asked a few times over the past few months, what the situation is now regarding the GDF plans. As far as our town council is concerned their position was made quite clear over a year ago in a meeting on the 5th of March.” :

An email was received from John Haywood, Solway Plain Against Nuclear Dump (SPAND) regarding the invitation by the Government to all communities, groups and tiers of local government, asking them if they wished to ‘express an interest’ in having a Nuclear Dump or a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF). The geology is not suitable here and he urged the Council to make a decision as soon as possible and say that Silloth is not interested in even expressing an interest. RESOLVED that the Council has no intention of volunteering this community as a location for a nuclear dump, for reasons set out in the Council’s response to the 2013 consultation. This is not a willing community.
Reply to be sent to John confirming the Council’s stance on the matter.

Wendy Jameson (Silloth town clerk) imediately posted the following comment:

This was further reinforced at the Town Council meeting held on 11 March 2019, when it was “RESOLVED that a letter be sent to say that Silloth Town Council will not be volunteering to be a site for a GDF and that we don’t want it in our area” which was in response to The Radioactive Waste Management – Consultation on how they will evaluate potential sites for a GDF in the future in England and Wales.



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