Allerdale to discuss policy towards geological disposal of nuclear waste

Allerdale is inviting town and parish councillors to discuss the council’s policy towards geological disposal of nuclear waste in the borough at a meeting on Thursday 11th July at Cockermouth Town Hall.  Allerdale’s Nuclear Policy manager, Richard Griffin, will discuss the latest consultation and how Allerdale is positioning itself for the new search process.

Cumbria Trust was very pleased to see a recent change of Allerdale leadership, with Marion Fitzgerald taking over from Alan Smith.  During the last process, MRWS, we felt that Alan Smith failed to understand the process and did not act in the interest of Allerdale’s residents, most of whom opposed the burial of nuclear waste in the borough. Allerdale voted in 2013 to continue the search process, but delayed the vote until after Cumbria County Council had vetoed it, so it was a meaningless vote.

We would encourage town and parish councillors who are members of Cumbria Trust, or who agree with us that Allerdale should not volunteer itself, to attend this meeting on 11th July and make their views known.  

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