Still keeping an eye on the nuclear waste issue

It has been 3 months since Cumbria Trust published an article and we wanted to reassure our members, those who follow us and receive our emails, that we are still alive and kicking! There has just been very little which we felt was worth reporting.

We remain very concerned about the government’s failure to learn from past mistakes -in particular the refusal to exclude designated areas such as National Parks and AONBs, despite this stance being incompatible with UK planning laws.

Cumbria Trust continues to meet with various government bodies including Radioactive Waste Management (RWM), who are the developer behind the geological disposal project. Some of these meetings have been positive and constructive, with RWM taking a much more open approach than its predecessor organisations.

Some of the meetings however, have reminded us of the manipulative and dishonest approach taken by Nirex, such as one with senior members of RWM where when faced with a questions about excluding designated areas, they absolutely refused to answer any questions on the subject and closed the meeting early.

A great deal of government bandwidth has been taken up by Brexit, and now the general election will slow things further, so we are not expecting the matter of geological disposal to make much progress any time soon. Cumbria Trust is however following any developments that there are closely, and meeting with a few related organisations.

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