GDF – LDNP Back in the mix?

Allerdale Working Group met behind closed doors in July and decided which parts of Allerdale may become the burial site for the UK’s vast stockpile of nuclear waste.  Cumbria Trust was refused permission to be involved in the site selection, and Allerdale Working Group is still refusing to reveal its choice to us as that’s how the rules of the process have been arbitrarily defined.

The similarities with the previous failed process, MRWS, are clear.  When the geological screening report didn’t produce the outcome they would have preferred, they supressed it, only to release an amended version 3 months later in which the Solway Plain had switched from excluded to included.  As with the current process, these meetings and deliberations were hidden from the public gaze.  

Allerdale Working Group has informed us that it now expects the search area will be published in late September.  This is the latest possible release if it is to be considered at Allerdale’s October Executive meeting.  This search area is being hidden from view until the last possible moment.  So much for the ‘openness and transparency’ that was often promised with the new process.  RWM has to scrutinise it during that time, but there is no justification for hiding it while that happens.  

Despite Allerdale Working Group repeatedly telling the public and the national park itself that the Lake District has been ruled out of the search area, the individual who volunteered the whole of Allerdale for this process, Andy Ross, has now said that this the Lake District may go back into the search area at the next stage, contradicting the Chair of the Working Group he is on, who says the opposite!  

Allerdale Working Group is holding 2 online events at the times listed below.

  • Thursday 26th August, 12.30-1.30pm – Register HERE
  • Thursday 9th September 7-8pm – Register HERE

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