DECC – Review of the Siting Process for a Geological Disposal Facility -The Responses

We had been awaiting this moment with ‘bated breath since the consultation date closed on the 5th or was it the 19th December 2013? Well, DECC is if nothing else predictable, you only have to read the introduction to the “Summary of Responses” to appreciate the trail of confusion left in its wake. There are probably few amongst us who after reading the said paragraph at least a couple of times, are not left wondering what on earth it actually means. It then becomes abundantly clear, once again, they will be able to make the results fit the agenda. Some of the responses make very interesting reading and make some very valid points. However, when you reach the one submitted by “Tinky Winky” on behalf of the “Teletubbies”, the overall credibility takes a bit of a nosedive to be honest.  It has been suggested that that DECC has allowed this somewhat spurious entry to remain as it closely follows government thinking.

“Summary of Responses”

“What follows is a summary of consultation responses, organised by question.
In reporting the overall response to the question posed, ‘majority’ indicates the clear view of more than 50% of respondents in relation to a given question, and ‘minority’ indicates less than 50%. ‘About half’ indicates an overall response within a few percentage points of 50% (either way).
Where the following terms have been used in summarising additional points raised in the responses, ‘many respondents’ indicates more than 70% of those answering a given question, ‘a few respondents’ means fewer than 30%, and ‘some respondents’ refers to the range in between.”

Summary of Responses February 2014

Should you wish to obtain any or all of the responses, they are downloadable from the Gov.UK website and you can form your own opinion as to their provenance.