Emeritus Professor David Smythe

David Smythe carried out a major seismic imaging project for Nirex at Longlands Farm in 1994, but in view of what he found appeared as an expert witness for Friends of the Earth at the Nirex planning inquiry of 1995-96. His evidence about the unsuitability of West Cumbrian geology for hosting a GDF helped to persuade Cumbria County Council not to proceed further in the MRWS process.

Consultation response to DECC Review of the Siting Process (Dec 2013)

Summary of why the MRWS process should not proceed (Jan 2013)

Slideshow: why the Canadian voluntarism process is not applicable to the UK (Jan 2013)

Slideshow: what if Ennerdale granite became a waste repository? (Jan 2013)

Slideshow: why the KBS-3 waste encapsulation concept is not working (Nov 2012)

Smythe MRWS consultation response (Mar 2012)

The 1989 list of 537 UK potential sites with coastal ‘sedimentary’ Sellafield site

Further reading from the Emeritus Professor