A guide to the acronyms and abbreviations frequently used in our posts

Cumbria Trust regularly uses acronyms in its posts and we understand there are readers who may be unfamiliar with them. The government appears to be particularly adept at changing the names of or merging departments at the drop of a hat, so with that in mind, we are publishing the following list, with links where appropriate, to assist in understanding who’s who and who is responsible for what.

BEIS – (Dept for) Business Energy and Industrial Strategy

BGS – British Geological Survey

CoRWM – Committee for Radioactive Waste Management

CT – Cumbria Trust

DCMS – Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport

DECC – Dept. of Energy and Climate Change (merged into BEIS July 2016)

DEFRA – Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs

GDI – Geological Disposal Infrastructure

GDF – Geological Disposal Facility

HLW – High Level Waste

ILW – Intermediate Level Waste

IRP – Independent Review Panel

LLW – Low Level Waste

MRWS – Managing Radioactive Waste Safely

NDA – Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

NIREX – Originally stood for Nuclear Industry Radioactive Waste Executive and was later to become just the word “Nirex”, which no longer exists.

RWM – Radioactive Waste Management

UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation

WHS – World Heritage Status