To Mark Higson

To Mark Higson, Chief Exec of OND (Office for Nuclear Development)

The following is a letter that has been circulated by Community Services to Allerdale’s Councillors:

“Dear Councillor The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) recently announced a consultation on its intentions to review the siting process for a Geological Disposal Facility. You will be aware that Allerdale expressed an interest and proposed to move to stage 4 in the Government’s Managing Radioactive Waste Safely (MRWS) siting process, but that this process ceased following the County Council decision not to participate in January this year. Geological disposal of the nation’s stock of higher activity radioactive waste remains government policy and DECC are now consulting with all communities across the UK on a review of the siting process. A number of nationwide events have been arranged to outline the proposals in the review and provide an opportunity for feedback. Having been directly involved in the MRWS in Allerdale, we have arranged for DECC to present directly to Allerdale Members, and for Members to discuss the consultation and help in preparing an Allerdale response. I have attached a copy of the consultation which you may wish to read prior to the event. The event is being staged at the Wave Centre in Maryport, and tea and coffee will be available on arrival at 2pm. The event will commence at 2.30pm and close at 4.30.  I would be grateful if you could let me know if you can attend (or not) by return and by close of play on 6th November at the latest.. Please contact me if you would like to talk through anything in connection with the event, or the Government’s proposals for a GDF.”

*     *     *

This elicited the following response from Cumbria Trust in an email to Mark Higson, Chief Exec of OND (Office for Nuclear Development)

“Given that the consultation is a NATIONAL Consultation may we take it that you will be offering (even at this late stage) the same opportunity for a personal explanation of the Consultation document and its implications to ALL (326) District Councils throughout England.  If so, have ALL District Councils throughout England been informed that they may request a personal explanation from a DECC official?” Cumbria Trust