The extended deadline for responses to the consultation passed quietly at midnight on 19th December, although it is by no means the end of our campaign.  Cumbria Trust will, as closely as possible, be following developments at DECC and their apparent determination to dispose of high level radioactive waste somewhere under West Cumbria. They are pushing forward with these plans, despite unchallenged geological evidence that clearly shows the area to be unsuitable for the purpose of siting a GDF (Geological Disposal Facility).

Tuesday 10th  December 2013  at 10.45 am at the House of Lords  Select Committee for Science and Technology inquiry on Nuclear Follow-Up, witness Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP appeared to be totally out of touch with what DECC was actually doing.

Watch the full recording here:  Michael Fallon MP   The GDF questions start with Lord Selborne at (real time) 11:27:46

To read the transcript download the pdf document here:  Transcript  The GDF “evidence”  starts at Q26 (Lord Selborne) but also look out for Lord O’Neill’s “It seems that the interests of bed and breakfast providers in other parts of England were of greater significance than finding a bed for nuclear waste”.  By the way, Lord O’Neill is the former chair of the Nuclear Industry Association.

It has to be said that amongst our members, confidence in DECC  is currently at an all time low, following an outbreak of ineptitude in the basic administration process of the consultation. Cumbria Trust remains vigilant and will endeavour to keep you informed of developments as they happen. However, it is also vitally important that you contact your own parish, town, borough and county Councillors by writing to let them know the strength of opinion and the true level of awareness and opposition to a GDF in West Cumbria.

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