Nuclear New Build – New Waste to Cumbria

Proponents of proceeding with MRWS have argued that, as Cumbria has the majority of the UK’s legacy nuclear waste already at Sellafield, a West Cumbrian repository is needed to deal with it.

Cumbria Trust notes that it seems very likely that any waste emanating from nuclear new build is likely to end up in any repository. The waste from new build will be extremely radioactive and will increase the overall radioactivity by some 400% and also significantly very increase the physical size of any repository due to issues relating to this highly radioactive waste.

It is imperative that all understand that if a repository proceeds then, it seems highly likely, nuclear waste from new nuclear reactors located outside Cumbria will end up in any Cumbrian repository. Indeed, perhaps stored on the surface for many years until it is able to be stored in a repository.