“It would certainly be possible to put waste under the Lake District”

It is worth visiting the brief excerpt from the Adam Powell programme on Radio Cumbria mentioned at the end of yesterday’s post. Not just to hear Eddie’s contribution but also the comments made earlier by Francis Livens, Professor of Radiochemistry at Manchester Uni. These were unambiguous and a public declaration that experts like him feel that there will be no insurmountable problems in putting a GDI under the Lake District.

Listen again to Professor Francis Livens comments:

In his response Eddie rebutted many of the Professor’s comments including the fact that technical engineered solutions cannot be relied upon to get over geological deficiencies. There was insufficient time for him to respond to Prof Livens’ assertion that there would be no trace of the work above ground within the National Park. He appears to have overlooked the masses of exploratory boreholes that would be required to be drilled within the LDNP. Due to its complex geology (mentioned by Eddie) there will be many more of these required in the search for a site than would normally be anticipated. All that vandalism before the first test of Pubic Support is carried out (within about 20 years from the start of the process).

Listen again to Eddie Martin’s response: