Margaret Hodge MP

Rod & Jill Donnington-Smith:

“Like John Wilson we also sent a question to Margaret Hodge when she was on the Jeremy Vine programme. Like John’s it never saw the light of day!”:

Whilst there are many new areas that would justify scrutiny by the Public Accounts Commission you should not lose sight of some of those you have been looked at previously. An obvious example is the long running and expensive shambles that has surrounded the storage and disposal of nuclear waste at Sellafield in West Cumbria. Whilst the geology of West Cumbria is already known to be unsuitable for the construction of a safe underground repository for the disposal of nuclear waste, it would appear that the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and the Department of Energy and Climate Change are determined to continue with their policy of searching for a site in that region under the guise of volunteerism. They are so desperate that they have now changed the rules so that the County Council is now to be excluded from the decision making process. So much for volunteerism!

Rod & Jill Donnington-Smith