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Aims and Objectives

  1. Campaign against any GDF in Cumbria on geological, environmental and safety grounds.
  2. Campaign against the Dept. Business Energy and Industrial Strategy or BEIS (formerly DECC) proposed exclusion of Cumbria County Council and all other County Councils from the process and exclusion of Parish and Town Councils.
  3. Respond to the current BEIS consultation and do so on an ongoing basis concerning MRWS process; and encourage others to do the same.
  4. Campaign for safer, longer term storage of nuclear waste currently at Sellafield and other UK nuclear licensed sites. *
  5. As part of ongoing Sellafield decommissioning; campaign for greater spend and investment in West Cumbria as part of this process and also diversification of local economy.
  6. Campaign to preserve the integrity of our National Park, AONBs and other environmentally sensitive sites and also “Lake District” brand.
  7. If needs be to challenge legally the policy outcomes and decisions of BEIS and local authorities.