Sellafield spokesman: “It is urgent that we clean up these ponds [but] it will be decades before they are cleaned up” (The Guardian 29/10/2014)

Some of the national daily papers have picked up on the issue of the continuing problem with the state of the legacy waste being held at the Sellafield site. Nuclear safety expert John Large, called it a ‘significant risk’  and expert in radiological risk Gordon Thompson (USA) told the Guardian:

‘The site’s overall radiological risk has never been properly assessed by the responsible authorities. [The] photos, showing disgracefully degraded open-air ponds at Sellafield, indicate that a thorough assessment of risk is overdue.’

The above forcefully reiterates Margaret Hodge’s comment following her visit to Sellafield in November 2012, on that occasion the PAC (public accounts committee) chair commented:

‘Hazardous radioactive waste is housed in buildings which pose “intolerable risks” to people and the environment […]’

According to the BBC News (26th November 2012),  further to their inspection earlier in the month, the National Audit Office report concluded:

‘[…] over the five decades it was open, operators failed to plan how to dispose of the radioactive waste and that some of the older facilities found decommissioning projects were over budget and that storage buildings were “run-down”.’


In addition to our opposition to the siting of a GDF in the unsuitable geology of Cumbria, Cumbria Trust will continue in its campaign for secure interim storage on the Sellafield site. The government urgently needs to do more to ameliorate the “intolerable risk” being placed on the people of Cumbria and the north west of England in general.

N.B.   urgent:

Adjective: urgent  – requiring immediate action or attention. (Google, Oxford Dictionary, Merriam Webster, et al.)

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Gallery of Decay & Neglect

Loaded storage tank B30  colloquially known as "Dirty 30"

Loaded storage tank B30 colloquially known as “Dirty 30”

Cluttered and neglected "walkway" in B29 pond building2

Cluttered and neglected “walkway” in B29 pond building

Ponds 5

Seagulls, oblivious of the danger

Ponds 3

Corroded and rusted pipework and tanks

Not the best place to set up home

Not the best place to set up home