The National Grid upgrade proposals

Cumbria Trust was approached by representatives of National Grid and asked if it would like to put forward a representative to attend a briefing. The subject of the presentation was the proposed upgrading of the national grid system. Trust Chairman Eddie Martin and Geoff Betsworth met with NWCC (North West Coast Connections) project manager Robert Powell and Pippa Hyam from Camargue PR Group on Friday 24th July.

National Grid

Other pylon designs are available!

It may be because they have seen the problems DECC encountered with the MRWS farrago and its failure to successfully engage with the public on the GDF issue, that National Grid are keen to put their proposals into the public domain using every means at their disposal, including a link to the much visited Cumbria Trust website.

Cumbria Trust prides itself on dealing with facts and takes a neutral stance on nuclear issues. Although the Trust is primarily concerned with the matter of not siting a GDF in the unsuitable geology of Cumbria, because the proposed grid upgrade has potential environmental implications for areas of Cumbria, we feel it might be prudent to assist in the dissemination of updates and notifications from National Grid via our website and email lists.

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