We are not alone! The GDF problem in Russia and its parallels with the UK (Cumbria)

A word from CT chairman Eddie Martin:

“May I suggest you to take just 30mins. to watch this (quite alarming) recentRosatom video about ROSATOM’s (Russian State Corporation) intent to build a GDF(s). There are those (cynics and our opponents) who will say “Ah yes, but that is Russia; not the democratic nation of the UK (or even the EU!)” with its myriad of regulators, HSE, Environment Agency, etc.  However, there are clear elements within the film with which we (in Cumbria, and perhaps elsewhere) can certainly identify in our opposition to a GDF in Cumbria (and our simultaneous prerequisite for safer improved storage at Sellafield).  And the film repeats many of the arguments which we have employed so consistently in our opposition.

greenworld ruI am inclined to think that this film should be shown on BBC at peak viewing time; in fact on all TV channels … and should be mandatory viewing for all employees of DECC, NDA, ONR, SMP, RWM, etc…. and, of course, MPs!


Make up your own minds: Watch the video here